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Watch out everyone, looks like we have some eco-terrorists in Maine now.
Obviously these devices would be a threat to horses, bikes  and possibly hikers as well. On top of ATVs we offer a number of other 4 wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles for sale. Those include Excavator Rentals in Maine, Classic cars for Sale, Mini Excavators For Sale and much more!
I just want to report to everyone that two "treadles" were found on one of the trails in the Kennebec Highlands, apparently on the Distefano parcel. For those of you who, like me, have no idea what a treadle is; it's an H shaped affair made of welded rebar, with maybe 16 penny nails welded on the cross member of the H.  Obviously made to puncture tires on an ATV.  Cops have used things like spike strips for years to stop classic cars in Maine and great for the auto repair in Maine but this is in the woods. I've left a message for the local game warden, and spoke to the only ATVer that I know.  Trying to make sure everyone knows that BRCA didn't have anything to do with it. These have been found on a multi-use trail on state land.  This is very bad. We don't know who is doing this and if it is just one person or is an organized attack.  Trail cameras on the trail have produced a couple of leads that will be followed up. These would obviously be bad for ATVs but they would be much worse if someone stepped on them or a horse stepped on them or even if a bicycle rode across them.  They are partially buried and very hard to see.  Keep a sharp look out and if you see them notify the police and this office but remove them. We support all kinds of wild life but specifically Maine Game Camera Videos and their mission to support the Maine wildlife.

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